Need 3 seasons of a show in Spanish? Has your feature found a following in Finland? Travel the world of international voices and text with Point.360’s in-house localization department, Visual Sound. We have a full array of services, including subtitling, foreign language dubbing and closed captioning.

In addition to its in-house staff of editors, QC operators and translators, Visual Sound has a robust network of more than 1000 freelancers and translators in every corner of the world, able to deliver product in more than 50 languages. Trés bien!


  • Disney/ABC/Marvel
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Netflix
  • NBC/Universal
  • Warner Bros.
  • Sony Crackle
  • HBO
  • Telefilms
  • BBC
  • Gravitas Ventures
  • Grindstone



  • 1000+ translators world-wide covering more than 50 languages
  • Master English file created in-house to maintain quality and consistency across all languages
  • Extensive network of in-territory translators
  • Workflow managed within software suite for maximum efficiency and security, including scheduling, creation, translation, QC, and delivery
  • Secure streaming video within platform means no translator ever has a video or subtitle file in their possession
  • Software automatically collects metrics on translators, enabling system to identify top performing translators in every language

Foreign Language Dubbing

  • Lip sync dubbing recording, voice-over recording, any number of voices, all medium
  • Translation, adaptation, casting, recording, mixing, dub card creation
  • Partnerships with dubbing studios world-wide covering more than 50 languages
  • In-house operations with two recording studios in our Burbank facility enables accelerated turnarounds and client oversight
  • In-house Latin Spanish Dubbing Team / SAP dubbing
  • Coordination with the subtitling group when applicable to ensure consistency of key names & phrases

Script Services

  • Transcripts
  • As-Broadcast Scripts
  • Dialogue Lists
  • Spotting Lists
  • Continuity Lists, CCSLs and CDSLs
  • Narrative Title Lists
  • Voice Casting Scripts
  • Word Count Reports
  • Creative Letters for Dubbing
  • Metadata Sheets
  • Annotations for Translators
  • Laboratory Notes for Subtitle Layback
  • Revision Markings and Change Lists