Creative Services

Point.360’s Creative Services division has a full offering of all of the usual suspects; HD, 2k, UHD, 4k and HDR workflows, color-correction with DaVinci Resolve, dual-platform (Flame and Avid) conform editing, VFX, motion graphics and dailies.

We like to think our friendly, experienced team and groovy rock ‘n roll facility set us apart. As you walk the halls, you’ll find the walls are lined with photographs of some of the greatest musicians and artists to ever live. We find it helps spark our own creativity, and we hope you’ll feel the same!

But our edge doesn’t just come from Jimi Hendrix photos and our fun atmosphere; beneath it all is the strength of our technology. Each of our bays is outfitted with the latest innovations in creative software and hardware, including Streambox viewing in case you need to stick around the office or don’t feel like dealing with the 405. When coupled with our expert team, this technology will make your sessions run more smoothly than ever before.