Content Management

Point.360’s content management team believes that value comes from specialized workflows, a flexible staff, and innovative technology, which is why we’re able to service digital assets for all major platforms. Our file management systems are built to store and track files for as long as you need them. If you’ve lost your keys or your wallet, you may be on your own, but if you’re trying to find an entire season worth of audio stems for your show, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you are mastering content for international distribution, localizing files for world-wide delivery, or embarking on a major archive initiative, our content management team will elevate your potential in the global marketplace.


  • Workflow management that encompasses all of your post-production needs
  • Quality control of video and audio content
  • Series and feature mastering
  • Audio, video, and subtitle localization
  • Foreign and domestic file delivery to any client or vendor
  • Anti-piracy and forensic watermarking
  • Transcoding and encoding
  • Audio and video conforms
  • Digital archiving
  • File duplication