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Point.360 / DFL Introduces Visionary™ Color Match Technology

Burbank, California - October 18, 2010 DFL (a Point.360 company) is now offering the Visionary™ Color Match technology and service.

The automated, proprietary system has applications for both new and classic content, including: Matching a high resolution, conformed edit to color corrections that were performed on an offline edit,matching on‐set color correction, matching left-eye/right-eye for stereoscopic 3D, and repurposing classic film content by matching the scanned negative to an existing color reference version.

According to Sean McKee, Director of Restoration & New Technology at Point.360/DFL, “We’re pleased to be able to introduce this new module to the Visionary™ suite of tools. We’ve been developing color science tools for generating LUTs and other interesting uses for some time now, and recently had a need to perform a bulk color matching job. With our algorithms already in place, adapting them for this specific need made perfect sense. The system uses advanced, machine vision and object recognition algorithms to match primaries, secondaries, and windows, even if the color reference has different framing, sizing or aspect ratio. An added benefit is that the system will also automatically match pan-and-scan.”

Scott Call, VP / General Manager at Point.360 / DFL adds, “As our internal R&D developments continue to progress, we are striving to make the most efficient post workflow as possible for our clients. Offering auto‐matching to an on-set or offline color correction allows the colorist and client to avoid the tedium of getting to the ‘baseline’ color, and quickly get to the more specific and detailed creative color decisions.”

The company is inviting interested parties to come view a live demonstration in their mastering theater, featuring both Sony 4K and Barco 2K Projection, THX Certified surround, and the largest, currently installed (23’ x 12’), JKP AFFINITY color reference screen. For more information, contact Sean McKee at 818-569-4949.

About DFL Digital Film Labs - a Point.360 Company (NASDAQ,PTSX):  

DFL is an internationally acclaimed Digital Intermediate and Digital Cinema Mastering facility, with a 25-year reputation for technical excellence. DFL's services include: 4K/2K film scanning; film-to-HD; data-to-HD; 35mm Filmout; advanced digital restoration; closed captioning, quality assurance, and conversion for worldwide technical deliveries. DFL’s client list includes every major Hollywood studio. Please visit: www.point360.com for more information.