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Point.360 DFL Digital Film Labs Unveils Visionary Archive™ Technology at The Reel Thing

Single Strip 35mm B&W Film Archive Technology Offers Revolutionary Alternative to Traditional YCM Separations

Burbank, CA, August 13, 2010 - Point.360 DFL/Digital Film Labs, will introduce Visionary™ Archive Technology - a new technology for archiving of color motion images. It is a unique process using only a single strip of black-and-white film as opposed to the traditional YCM 3-strip separations.

Visionary™ Archive is a patent pending archival process that has been in development for over a year at Point360 DFL Digital Film Labs. Sean McKee, Director Restoration and New Technology at Point.360 DFL states, "At its heart is a Bayer pattern encoding technology similar to that used in most digital cinema cameras, such as ARRI, RED, Phantom, Dalsa, and SI. The Visionary™ system allows for the full color image to be placed on a single strip of black-and-white 35mm film." The detailed alignment and calibration patterns encoded on the film ensure pixel accurate registration of the restored color image, rock solid stability, and color reproduction that matches the original creative intent without additional color correction. As there is only one strip of black-and-white film with this process, only one layer of grain is added to the restored image as opposed to the three layers of grain in conventional YCM separations.

Scott Call, General Manager of Point360. DFL, adds "Visionary™ Archive shows excellent promise for long term archival storage offering the best of both digital and analog worlds, using advanced algorithms for encoding and decoding. You can actually hold the film up to a light and see the image, not zeros and ones on film. For future generations, it will be easy to interpret the encoded image, and we are making available open source software to fully restore image to its original color and resolution."

The first presentation of Visionary Archive™ was presented at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Hollywood during AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists) Reel Thing XXV, August 13, 2010.

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